Research Council

Statutes for the University of Salamanca

Art. 111.

  1. The Rector and Governing Council, in support accordance with their management function and with the purpose of promoting quality research, will be supported by the Research Council, composed of a proportional representation from all University Research Departments and Institutes, conforming to the regulations established for this purpose by the Governing Council and presided by the Vice Rector responsible for this area.
  2. The Research Council shall be responsible for the following tasks:
    1. Develop proposals for research support programmes.
    2. Report on the creation of Technology Institutes and Centres and recognition of Research Groups.
    3. Issue a report on the authorisation of agreements executed under art. 83 of the Organic Law of Universities.
    4. Propose, within the framework of current legislation and university-specific research programmes, the granting of any financial assistance.
    5. Issue any and all reports requested by the Rector of Governing Council.
    6. Report to the Rector and Governing Council all proposals deemed appropriate for matters within their competence.
    7. Intervene in any decisions concerning the present University Statues and regulations.
  3. The Rector shall report annually to the University Staff Committee with competence in the related areas, or, failing this, in a plenary session, regarding the actions of the Research Council.






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