Own Programs

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Programme I: Research Group Funding

Programme II: Postdoctoral Contracts

Programme III: Predoctoral Research Contracts

Programme IV: Mobility of Research Personnel

Programme V: Dissemination of Research Results

Programme VI: Maintenance of Scientific Material

Programme VII: Postdoctoral contracts for researchers with experience in the management and application for European projects (one year grants, renewable based on results).

Programme IX: Assistance for the organisation of international scientific conferences

Programme XI: Programme to promote quality research and publications.

Programme XII: Programme to recognise the most active researchers in the management and promotion of projects.

Programme XIII: Programme for the funding of Recognised Research Groups

Program XIV: Call for research projects of the University of Salamanca funded with Available Resources Available in projects and research agreements for the promotion of research and transfer.

Program XV: Financing of training courses in animal experimentation of the USAL / IECSCYL.

Programa XVI: Programa para la cofinanciación de la adquisición y mejora de grandes infraestructuras y equipamientos científicos y tecnológicos, de uso compartido.


Investigación: +34 923 29 44 30
AGI: +34 923 29 44 00 Ext. 1052
OTRI: +34 923 29 44 90
OPI: +34 923 29 45 00 Ext. 1088, 6366, 1270
UCC+i: +34 923 29 45 00 Ext. 3025
Investigación: Patio de Escuelas, 1
AGI: Edificio I+D+i
OTRI: Edificio I+D+i
OPI: Edificio I+D+i, oficina 21.5
UCC+i: Edificio I+D+i